Radiantís management believes that the film industry is less likely to be affected by the economic downturn than other industries and offers a lower risk opportunity for investors. As an economy enters a downward phase, the leisure-time spending preferences of consumers shift dramatically toward lower cost, closer-to-home entertainment activities. This explains why cinema ticket sales remain steady or rise during the early to middly stages of recession. The film industry offers a stable environment in which to invest and growth opportunities through new technology such as digital cinema and Video On Demand (VOD). Commercial feature films generate revenues from all countries in the world from a wide variety of sources such as box office, home entertainment and television.

Radiantís model means that the company earns revenues ahead of the box office release of the films, so it is not reliant on the box office. However, if the film is a success then there is no limit on the revenue and its profits. Radiant has tight control over its overheads and manages the business in a professional and business-like manner. The management is constantly analysing the risks and aims to reduce them wherever possible, whilst maximizing revenues by carefully selecting its film projects and aggressively marketing them to distributors. Through investing in Radiant the investor has the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of intellectual property rights which have the potential to generate income for many years.

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